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Buying policy


  • To provide equipment, goods and services in a responsive manner, abiding by HSSEQDD* rules, at optimum cost and in accordance with required specifications, minimising legal risk.


  • To develop and optimise relations with our traditional partners and local, national and international economic players.
  • To involve new high-performing and innovative suppliers on technical and HSSEQDD* aspects.
  • To involve partners in our HSSEQDD* policy and our zero accident target.
  • To share skills with our contracting companies and spread good practice to every area of Teréga’s wider activities.


  • To carry forward Teréga’s ethical values.

- To fight corruption, fraud, and conflicts of interest.

  • To establish a climate of confidence, cultivating dialogue and encouraging initiative.
  • Uphold requirements of and respect for our partner suppliers.

- Requirements: contract fulfilment, commitment to delivery times, competitiveness.
- Respect: fair competition, transparent evaluation, confidentiality of information, equity between suppliers.


* HSSEQDD : Hygiène Santé Sécurité Environnement Qualité Développement Durable [Hygiene, Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Sustainable Development]

Map of installations

Map of installations

List of Teréga territories operating in the 15 departments of the South West

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