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Imbalance settlement

As part of its balancing system, Teréga sells and buys quantities of gas via Powernext’s PEGAS platform. From the 1st of october 2017, transactions are done by a robot in accordance with the intervention arrangements notified to the CRE and presented to Concertation Gaz. These arrangements can be accessed using this link intervention arrangements. The price of those transactions is then used as the basis for the settlement of shippers’ imbalances.


Transaction prices can be accessed using this link :

Actions on the market since 2012


Teréga has set up a balancing statement, recording what it spends and earns under aforementioned transactions and  the balancing rules of the transmission contract. Since the 1st of october 2015, the balance is allocated to Shippers as a proportion of the quantities delivered, according to the Deliberation of the French Energy Regulatory Commission of 15 January 2015 approving the balancing rules. This balancing statement is published each month and can be accessed using this link :

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