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Operational Information


Teréga-2019-01-18 - Modalités pratiques Délégation de souscriptions au PIC / Practical procedures for Delegating

Teréga-2019-01-10 Evolution tarifs transport au 1er avril 2019 - Evolution of transmission tariffs by the 1 April 2019


2018-11-26 Délégation de souscriptions de capacités au PIC - Delegation of PIC capacity subscriptions

2018-01-11 Boarding the TRF ! First publications of vigilance

2018-10-01 FR Evolutions du Contrat de Transport Teréga - EN Evolutions of Teréga’s Transport Contract

2019-09-27 Modalités de participation au spread localisé-Modalities for participating to locational spread

2018-07-26 TRF - Superpoints communs GRTgaz-Terega // TRF – GRTgaz and Teréga common superpoints

2018-06-29 FR Enchère produits annuels à Pirineos - EN Yearly products auction at pirineos

2018-04-20 [Confidentialité des données de souscription au PIC - Pic subscription confidentiality]

2018-04-01 [Invoicing of the storage tariff term]

2018-04-01 [Update of transport tariffs ATRT6 for the use of Teréga natural gas transmission network by the 1st of April 2 018]

2018-03-28 [Adjustment of the financial guarantee due to the invoicing of the new "storage tariff term]


2017-11-20 [Creation of the single gas market area in France on 1st November 2018]

2017-10-04 [TIGF Natural gas transport contract updated on the 1st November 2017]

2017-10-04 [TIGF Natural gas transport contract updated on the 1st November 2017]

2017-08-02 [CRE consultation this summer 2017:a crucial step halfway to the future single Marketplace "TRF"]

The CRE launches a public consultation which will allow you to express your opinion about the proposed

mechanisms as well as the principles of the TRF works joint management.

2017-03-28 [Arrangements for the payment of transport and storage invoices as of 01/04/2017]

2017-04-06 [Incremental capacity at the VIP PIRINEOS]

2017-04-04 [Update of NTR coefficients on the TIGF regional network under the terms of “ATRT6” applicable on 01/04/2017 ]

With the new ATRT6 tariff for the use of natural gas transport networks going live on 01/04/2017, TIGF would like to highlight the new NTR (Regional Tariff Level) levels.


2017-03-31 [New transport tariffs on TIGF network by the 1st April 2017]

We inform you about the publication on the site tigf.fr of the new tariffs related to the “decision on the tariff for the use of GRTgaz and TIGF natural gas transmission networks ATRT6” of December the 15th, 2016 and applicable on the 1st of April 2017.

2017-03-31 [Natural gas transport contract updated on the April 1st 2017]

Following the period of free consultation on our website, we inform you about the entry into force of our transport contract updated, applicable from the 1st of April 2017. 

2017-03-28 [ Limits and Storage Optimisation]

Limits calculation and Storage Optimisation.

2017-03-13 [Financial guarantees]

New arrangements concerning the financial guarantee attached to the transport contract.

2017-02-23 [Consultation of the new Natural gas tranport contract update of the 1st of april 2017]

The transport contract evolves in terms of formatting and necessary updates, in line with our operational processes and the services that TIGF develops and offers.

Before entering into force on 1st of April 2017, you have the possibility to look over this new version by clicking on the following link.


2017-02-15 [TIGF to extend schedule of balancing operations]

From today 15th of February 2017, TIGF extends its balancing operations to non-working days at the TRS exchange point, via Powernext’s PEGAS platform.

2017-02-13 [Week of Capathlon]

Exchange capacities on the Secondary Market at the week of "Capathlon" from 13th till 17th of February!

2017-01-18 [Edig@s format update, New version of TIGF document Shipper Connection Processing]

ALOCAT and METRED available in Edig@s 5
Changes in ALOCAT and LIMITS
End of Edig@s 3.2 version
Ask your correspondants, for the new 6.5 version of TIGF Shipper Connection Processing document.  

2017-01-05 TRANSPORT/STORAGE [Excel tool for prorata temporis rules]

A new tool is available to help you calculating your within day capacities with prorata temporis rules.


2016-12-29 [New firm capacities on Enagas network from 2017/01/01 at VIP Pirineos -Spain entry]

2016-11-01 [Your Storage data on Tetra from 1st November 2016]

2016-10-12 [Your billing statements available in TETRA]

2016-09-29 [CRE deliberation - New arrangements for calculating payment guarantees and creating a balancing liability indicator]

2016-09-20 [A new service that alerts subscribers to overruns of capacities subscribed at the PIC delivery point]

TIGF is now offering an information service based on the detection of overruns of daily and/or hourly subscribed capacities at the PIC delivery points. This alert comes in the form of an email with an attached CSV file which will be sent for each day that there is an overrun at the PICs in your portfolio.

2016-09-16 [Public consultation - Interconnection points between France and Spain]

2016-06-01 [Aide-mémoire on the “Use it and Buy it” scheme at PITT with and without maintenance reduction]

Aide-mémoire on the “Use it and Buy it” scheme at PITT with and without maintenance reduction.

2016-05-24 [New access to the secondary market of capacities on PRISMA platform]

Since the April 1st 2016, you can practise your exchanges of capacities by mutual agreement in the secondary market since the platform Prisma.

2016-04-03 [Allocations in format CSV - New Shipper Connection Processing]

Ask your correspondants, for the new 6.4 version of our Shipper Connection Processing document.  
From April 2016, the format of your CSV Alocat file available on IRIS Extranet is changing.


2015-12-10 [Transport Information : Offer of interruptible capacity on VIP Pirineos]

2015-12-03 [Contractual Information : Subscription "a posteriori" at PIC's-Transport Contract section 2]

2015-11-01 [Single-Sided Nomination and other changes – New Shipper Connection Processing 6.2 document]

Ask your correspondants, for the new 6.2 version of our Shipper Connection Processing document.  
From November 2015, Single-Sided nomination is available at PIRINEOS with other changes on nominations and allocations process.

2015-09-18 [New TIGF Balancing Service, October 1st, 2015]

2015-04-17 [Imbalance settlement prices May 1st 2015]

2015-03-27 [Transport capacity reductions]

2015-01-30 [New publications Balancing Notice]

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