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Service quality

Teréga is committed to its policy of continuous improvement in the quality of its services and activities.

With this in mind, Teréga has been using a system of performance indicators since 2009, integrated into the transport activity regulation system.

The service quality indicators were changed with the introduction of the ATRT5 tariff in April 2013: there are now fourteen indicators, but they are still split into four themes identified as having a direct impact on the smooth running of operations for transport infrastructure users :

Qualitative analysis of the Service Quality

According to CRE's demand, Teréga publishes a qualitative analysis of the Service quality indicators.


4 indicators for the reliability of metering data and consumption forecasts : 

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  • Quality of the quantities metered at PITDs and transmitted to the GRD the following day for the calculation of provisional allocations
  • Quality of the daily quantities read remotely at delivery points for consumers connected to the transport grid and transmitted the following day  
  • Quality of the intraday data read remotely at delivery points for consumers connected to the TIGF grid (PIC and PITD) and transmitted during the course of the gas day
  • Quality of the overall consumption forecasts for the end of the gas day, produced the day before and during the course of the gas day in question

Exchanges with third parties

7 indicators on the reliability of exchanges with users of transport infrastructures affecting the smooth running of their activities.

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  • Availability factor for user portals and public GRT data platforms

  • Monitoring of the availability of the 5 pieces of information most useful for balancing on Transport Grid Operators' public sites

  • Reliability of the projected linepack indicator published by Transport Grid Operators on their public sites
  • Monitoring of connection times
  • Reliability of information on customer interfaces
  • Time taken to process capacity reservation requests for the main grid
  • Time taken to transmit files regarding lifting at PITDs to distribution grid managers

Balancing management

2 indicators qualifying our interventions on the markets for the purposes of balancing and the consistency of the linepack level from one day to another.

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  • Discrepancy in percent and €/MWh between the TGO's maximum purchase price and minimum selling price and the weighted average price of volumes exchanged within-day during the course of a calendar day, on Powernext,

  • Discrepancy between the D+1 linepack and the D linepack, at 6am, in MWh.

Maintenance programmes

5 indicators for adherence to forecast maintenance programmes and capacity reductions.

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  • Reduction in available capacities

  • Reduction of subscribed capacities
  • Adherence to the annual maintenance programme published by TIGF at the start of the year
  • Adherence to the binding maintenance programme published by TIGF in M-2

  • Adherence to the best non-binding maintenance forecast published in M-2 by TIGF

Environmental impact

2 indicators for emissions of greenhouse gases.

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  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Greenhouse gas emissions relative to the quantities of gas transmitted

Quality levels have been set by the CRE for the majority of indicators for metering and exchanges with third parties.

In addition, a financial incentive mechanism applies to the first 4 indicators for metering along with shipper portal availability: Teréga is awarded bonuses/penalties depending on the results achieved.

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