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TIGF rewarded for its commitment to biodiversity

Pau, to February 05, 2014

On 30 January 2014, the Ministry for Ecology, represented by Philippe Martin, the Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, recognised TIGF's commitment to the national strategy for biodiversity.

This recognition is the outcome of a strong commitment to the environment. TIGF has always taken tangible action and a dynamic approach to the national strategy for biodiversity.

The commitment to this strategy is part of a pro-active approach from TIGF, forming the core of our activity, alongside a number of significant, consistent initiatives, going far beyond mere compliance with legislation with a concern for constant improvement.

The dossier submitted includes actions from TIGF to promote biodiversity, namely that TIGF would:

  • avoid and reduce the negative impact of gas pipeline construction works on the environment by using innovative techniques when required to cross sensitive areas (rivers, wet zones) and when renovating (ecological engineering, hydroseeding) 
  • contribute to the improvement and sharing of knowledge on regional natural heritage with, for example, a partnership with the National Natural History Museum to provide data from fauna/flora inventories carried out by TIGF, and a call for research projects into biodiversity in partnership with the Ministry for Ecology and the Biodiversity Research Federation (FRB), through the CILB (Club for linear infrastructures and biodiversity) which brings together several linear infrastructure management agencies.
  •  protect exceptional milieu and restore degraded ecosystems, through a partnership with the Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées conservatory of natural spaces and differentiated management of servitudes, which have been recognised as "ecological corridors" as part of the Aquitaine regional ecological coherence scheme. Also through a partnership with the Gascogne Landes regional natural park and the INRA research institute for a reforestation and experimental project which obtained the trophy for the best business sponsorship project from the Ministry for Ecology in 2012.
  •  promote a shared culture and more virtuous behaviour by organising local and national colloquiums on biodiversity, in partnership with the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and educational initiatives through the Lacq Odyssée association.

For TIGF, this recognition is not an end in itself, but just another stage in our plan to reduce our environmental impact. 


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