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TIGF participates at the Solutions Cop21 exhibition

Pau, to December 02, 2015

TIGF, the second largest gas carrier and storage operator in France will be present at Cop21, to exhibit energy solutions of tomorrow. The exhibition will be held at the Grand Palais de Paris from December 4th 2015 to December 10th 2015.

TIGF European Energy Carrier and Storage operator committed to meet the challenges of the energy transition.

TIGF accompanies market developments while ensuring security of supply and fluidity in energy transportation in terms of competitiveness, quality and optimum safety. TIGF offers to its clients an efficient gas transmission and storage system and incorporates environmental and climate issues into its development policy.

Because of its small environmental footprint, natural gas is among the fossil fuels ideal to accompany energy transition. Abundant and economical, it will certainly play a crucial role in tomorrow’s energy mix.

Today, TIGF is focused on three main areas of development:

  • Biomethane  this renewable Natural Gas can be incorporated into TIGF network starting today. It is generated from three different types of organic waste: regional, agricultural, food processing industry and mass distribution and falls into the category with short production and consumption cycle.
  • Power to Gas: a solution for the future ensuring storage and rational use of intermittent energies   by means of hydrogen or syngas.
  • Research & innovation: the objective of this particular service is to study, anticipate and develop solutions to solve the energy challenges of tomorrow.

Map of installations

Map of installations

List of TIGF operating sectors in the 15 departments of the South West

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