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Gas delivery station incident in Bidart (64)

Pau, to August 16, 2017

Monday 14th of August, around 4:30 pm, the natural gas delivery station in Bidart (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) malfunctioned, generating a release of gas into the atmosphere through a safety valve, which created a loud whistling noise.

Following the incident affecting the natural gas network in Bidart that took place in the afternoon of Monday, 14 August 2017, TIGF would like to specify that this incident arose due to a malfunction in the Delivery Station's safety system. This station makes it possible to connect the distribution of natural gas to the natural gas transport network. 

The purpose of this safety system is to counteract the possible malfunction of the pressure-reduction system which is normally provided. This system makes it possible to reduce the pressure of gas in the Transport Grid to an acceptable level for the distribution network to function correctly. 

The noise heard by residents of the surrounding area was the release of gas into the atmosphere through a safety valve, which lasted until the device was reconfigured.

As a precaution, a safety perimeter was set up by firemen.

The cause of the main system's malfunction is still being analysed but the region's gas supply configuration means it was and is still possible to maintain a safe supply to individuals and communes.

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