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Inauguration of the environmental compensation zone in Urdès (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)

Pau, to September 22, 2017

The 32-ha compensation zone in Urdès and Doazon (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) was inaugurated on 22 September in Urdès. The goal is to preserve the forest to encourage species to return to the area and develop.

TIGF includes environmental considerations from the very first stage of its infrastructure building projects following a Prevent - Reduce - Compensate model. Prevention comes into play in the design study phase following the analysis of various data (zoning regulations, information from multiple authorities and organisations, aerial photographs).

Regardless of the number of measures in place, when the residual impact is judged to be anything other than negligible, the contractor must propose compensatory measures proportional to the impact.

This significant step has encouraged the goal of an overall positive environmental impact. TIGF has set itself this target as part of the BE POSITIF programme (Bilan Environnemental Positif/Positive Environmental Impact). On land acquired by the company, the priority is to improve or recreate natural environments, delivering real ecological value.

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