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Public consultation

Pau, to February 21, 2017

Interconnection agreement : Public consultation answers

TIGF shares the comments received during the public consultation, and the answers given.

Background :

Interconnection points between France and Spain

In compliance with the provision of the article 4 of The Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/703 of 30 April 2015 establishing a network code on interoperability and data exchange rules, both Enagas and TIGF submit to public consultation the sections of the Interconnection Agreement document among TIGF, Enagas Transporte SAU and Enagas GTS SAU, sections established in the subsection 2 of the quoted article. The consultation predates the document signing.

Being the sections:

  • Rules for the matching process
  • Rules for the allocation of gas quantities
  • Communication procedures in case of exceptional situation

Additionally they have been included :

  • Glossary
  • Common referential

Map of installations

Map of installations

List of TIGF operating sectors in the 15 departments of the South West

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