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TIGF has just launched the TIGF4U mobile application

Pau, to February 10, 2017

Available on smartphone (iOS, Android), TIGF4U provides real time public gas data on TIGF's infrastructures, responding to shippers and stakeholders operational needs :

  • Capacities & maintenance: network availability (subscription rate, maintenance and reductions),
  • Allocated quantities: allocated quantities for PITT, PITS, TRS and consumption on TIGF's network,
  • Consumption forecasts: consumption forecasts for TIGF's network for D and D+1, displayed on an interactive histogram next to the previous gas days' consumption,
  • Balancing: provisional balancing indicator on the network, imbalance settlement prices, transport balancing service eligibility and projected linepack,
  • Storage: Shippers' aggregated end of day Stock for D-7 to D-1.

This mobile application is intended to meet the expectations of TIGF customers and is part of our aim to regularly make release upgrades.

We are currently looking into new features.

Join us now on TIGF4U!

Map of installations

Map of installations

List of TIGF operating sectors in the 15 departments of the South West

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