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Winter Outlook 2017-2018

Pau, to October 27, 2017

TIGF and GRTgaz jointly release Winter Outlook 2017-2018 in order to share with the market their projections for next winter and inform French gas market players of the strain situations that may arise on their networks and the specific measures they are taking for the forthcoming winter.

In March 2017, GRTgaz and TIGF realised that underground Storage Capacity reservations for winter 2017-2018 were very low, and therefore published a first release of this Winter Outlook in May 2017. This new release clarifies the vision for this winter by incorporating an update of the subscribed capacities, especially on storages.

The French TSOs GRTgaz and TIGF must ensure safety, efficiency and balancing on their respective network at all times1 . In accordance with obligations incumbent on natural gas transmission operators, the GRTgaz and TIGF networks have the required capacity to ensure continuity of transmission, including during peak periods . The design of the French networks is based on diversified entry points (interconnections, LNG terminals and underground storage facilities), offering to their users a choice between various combinations of supply.

However, the proper operation of gas system in winter relies on an optimized and diversified management of these supplies.

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