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End of public consultation for STEP project

Pau, to January 18, 2018

As part of the public concertation, TIGF organise two closing meetings the 22 and 23 of january in Perpignan and Narbonne.

Under the auspices of the CNDP (France’s national commission for public debate) represented by its guarantors Mrs. Pardineille and Mr. Habig, these two last meetings will inform all people and bodies concerned of the consultation’s contributions to the project and will make it possible for the project to continue developing with these opinions taken into account. The aim is to establish, during this consultation with the public and interested parties, the corridor to be adopted for the next stage of detailed studies and field studies.

The guarantors will draw up an intermediary review of the information programme set up regarding participation in this public consultation, as well as the main themes addressed in the public meetings.

Michel Boche, the STEP project manager, and his team will remind everyone of the aims of the project, its main features and directions, and, more specifically, the corridor variations currently under consideration.
The project team will also present the first directions in respect of contributions expressed in the consultation.

Next, TIGF will answer any questions from the public and take note of any considerations expressed with regard to technical, economic, social and environmental issues.

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