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Technical and safety regulations covering storage activity

Underground storage

Aerial view of the Lussagnet site

Aerial view of the Lussagnet site

Some of Lussagnet and Izaute's installations are listed as Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE), depending on substances present and activities carried out. This is particularly the case for installations containing natural gas, whether they are located at the surface or underground.

ICPEs are regulated by The Environmental Code, in particular Book V of the code, ‘Preventing pollution, risks, and noise pollution’, Title I.

Underground installations are also subject to the Mining Code, excluding the provisions concerning mining works (title VI), administrative supervision, and the Police Des Mines (mining police) (Title VII), to which The Environmental Code is now applicable. Deeds of concession belonging to Lussagnet and Izaute are governed by the Mining code, and drilling and mining operations by the Environmental Code.

Prefectoral decrees set out the technical requirements applicable to the installations.

The Lussagnet and Izaute sites are high threshold SEVESO establishments as per their quantities of stored natural gas. A Major Accident Prevention Policy (PPAM) has been defined and a System of Safety Management (SGS) has been put into place.

Risk management and urban development

Underground natural gas storage facilities are some of the installations for which Technological Risk Prevention Plans (PPTR) were created by Prefects.

The goal of these plans is to bring risks under control at ‘high’ level Seveso sites by reducing the risks coming from installations and implementing town planning control measures.

Technological Risk Prevention Plans provides for a town planning strategy adapted to the local context, taking into account risks presented by the industrial installation, after the implementation of risk reduction measures at the source. It may define zones in which the following may be imposed:

  • land measures dealing with the most at-risk existing buildings (the right to relinquishment of property, for example)
  • reinforcement works on the structures of existing and future buildings (the installation of glazing which can withstand the effects of excess pressure, for example)
  • restrictions on future town planning (use restrictions, etc.)

The Lussagnet and Izaute Technological Risk Prevention Plans were approved by Prefectoral decrees on 8 April 2013 and 25 December 2014, and are undergoing implementation.

Map of installations

Map of installations

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