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Environment and biodiversity

To improve Teréga's practices for preserving biodiversity and protecting the environment.

Easement over a Teréga pipe

Easement over a Teréga pipe

Teréga is a responsible company with a commitment to environmental protection, particularly the French National Strategy for Biodiversity (SNB) and the application of the Avoid-Reduce-Offset doctrine.

The aims of R&I projects in this theme are to improve Teréga's practices for preserving biodiversity and limiting offsetting. A further aim is to study the biodiversity contributions of the easements over natural gas pipes ( Movement corridors, refuge areas conducive to the development of protected species). On this subject, Teréga launched two research tenders in 2014 and 2017 with the members of the CIL&B1, the MEDDE2, the ADEME3 and the FRB4. For further information (French only) http://www.ittecop.fr/



1 CIL&B = Linear Infrastructures and Biodiversity Club

2 MEDDE = Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy

3 ADEME = Environment and Energy Management Agency

4 FRB = Foundation for Biodiversity Research

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