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Partnership Strategy

To accomplish our strategy, and to give innovation tangible form, Teréga relies on some forty partners with varying and complementary competences.

We take care to choose the best ones: universities, start-ups, industrial companies, energy sector companies, scientific experts, etc. Working jointly, we undertake the research work and collaborate closely on projects, facilitating mutual contribution of expertise and field appropriation.

This proactive partnership strategy seeks essentially to achieve three goals:

  1. to strengthen and develop the skills of internal teams in key technical areas,
  2. to support the development of innovative products and services in line with our activities,
  3. to feed the current of innovation.

We also seek to boost this diversity of partnerships even further, including with Open Innovation, which aims to involve our clients, suppliers and future partners in a more collaborative way. We are participating, for example, in the CITEPH programme, together with 11 industrial sponsors, in the Open Innovation Challenges with GRTgaz, and also in the tender for the BigUp for StartUp project to energise the local innovation ecosystem.

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