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Mobile recompressor (MOBILE COMP)

Mobile recompressor (MOBILE COMP)

Teréga is undertaking research seeking to reduce its greenhouse gas (GES) emissions during operations making structures available for work or maintenance.

Recompression is an appropriate solution to recover the gas contained in a pipe segment which must be emptied, reinjecting it in another part of the network. This technique has been tested and approved for large-scale operations with leased equipment. This service is however costly, and the equipment sometimes does not meet Teréga's specifications.

The project consists in analysing, dimensioning, constructing and operating a mobile compression unit which wholly meets Teréga's requirements, and which is innovative through its small encumbrance, and the minimisation of the related accessories. After it becomes widespread this technique would enable up to 75% of GES emitted during the structure decompression operations to be economised.

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