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Jupiter 1000


With the aim of becoming firmly established as an actor in the energy transition, Teréga has become involved, with GRTgaz and other industrialists, in developing a demonstration project for Power to Gas in Fos-sur-Mer: the Jupiter 1000 project.

The aim of this initiative is to help shape this new sector by developing the technologies concerned, building the associated economic and regulatory models, and overcoming current technical reservations.

The principle:

The electricity produced by solar and/or wind power facilities is converted into a combustible gas, hydrogen, by electrolysis of water. This hydrogen can either be directly injected into the natural gas network or transformed via methanation into synmethane, by combining it with carbon dioxide captured elsewhere.

The Power-to-Gas Principle

The Power-to-Gas Principle

Network complementarity:

The current development of renewable solar and wind energies faces issues of modularity, major fluctuation, and storage when production exceeds consumption. Power to Gas technology allows excess electricity to be used by transforming it into gas, which can be injected into gas infrastructures. This process allows integration and synergy between the electricity and gas networks.

Jupiter 1000 project's partners

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