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New gases

The new gases, so that we can prepare ourselves for the increasing integration of biomethane and hydrogen in gas networks

One of our priorities is based on our ability to adapt and protect our conveyance infrastructures faced with changes related to energy transition. We are continuing our efforts to improve our knowledge of the composition of all types of biomethane, and by this means to ensure that they are compatible with our infrastructures, in order to promote their injection.

We are also considering subjects relating to hydrogen, in order to define an acceptable rate of hydrogen in the mix with the natural gas, which will have no impact on our infrastructures. We are also participating very actively in collaborative projects intended to produce synthetic methane, using various methanation processes on a laboratory scale.

We are thus establishing ourselves as a promoter of the development of the methanation sector, to improve the attractiveness of the renewable gas sector

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Methanation process

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