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Fibre optic technology

A “new-generation” fibre optic technology to detect leaks, unregistered works and ground movement

As well as the potential of fibre optics in telecommunications, an initial R&I project assessed their properties when it came to transmitting data about the state of gas pipelines and their immediate environment.

Teréga is currently trying to develop a new and more efficient fibre optic technology that better meets the monitoring needs and specifications of its infrastructure. For this purpose it launched a collaborative project (CITEPH project) with Febus Optics start-up and two other partners. TOTAL and SAIPEM.

The project consists in developing and testing a 3-in-1 optical fibre technology (joint measurements of temperature, stresses and vibrations) in order to detect external damage to pipes, or potential leaks.

The hoped-for gains are a method developed at optimum cost to ensure better remote detection of network activity and improved speed of intervention.

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