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Territorial integration and environmental impact

Territorial integration and reduction of our environmental impact, to protect and integrate ourselves into our ecosystems

If we are to be an exemplary company, our environmental commitment must apply at all levels of our organisation, to improve integration of the infrastructures and of our activities in the territories.

We are determined to offer effective solutions to reduce our environmental impact on biodiversity and its environment. We are studying, for example, the biodiversity contributions of the easements over natural gas pipes ( Movement corridors, refuge areas conducive to the development of protected species). On this subject, Teréga is contributing to research tenders in Connection with ITTECOP, with the members of the CIL&B1, the MEDDE2, the ADEME3 and the FRB4.

We also wish to acquire new means of improving societal acceptability of our activities.

Easement over a Teréga pipe

Easement over a Teréga pipe

1 CIL&B = Linear Infrastructures and Biodiversity Club

2 MEDDE = Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy

3 ADEME = Environment and Energy Management Agency

4 FRB = Foundation for Biodiversity Research

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