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The R&I at Teréga

The energy sector is facing major upheavals and unprecedented challenges. They are, clearly, those involved in energy transition, the aim of which is to reduce the system's carbon emission, and to minimise its environmental impact.

In France, the Energy Transition Law for Green Growth (LTECV), enacted in 2015, has set out the bases for the transformation which our energy system must undergo in the medium term. This system, which is currently vertically integrated, and dominated by fossil fuels, must become less harmful by developing towards a low-carbon energy mix, which is renewable and diversified, and which derives from more remote sources.

Faced with the number and diversity of the subjects which must be covered, we have chosen an R&I strategy with a broad field of action. A new IMPACTS 2025 Innovation Plan was implemented in 2018. It comes in response to Teréga's strategic roadmap, principally in relation to two points, namely energy transition and digital transformation.

If the dynamics of energy transition are considered in particular, two areas of work can be noted here: the adaptation of our infrastructures for the arrival of new gases, and analysis of the synergies between the various energies and their infrastructures (multi-energy Smart Grids). Our efforts for continuous improvement are being maintained, in order to guarantee continuity of service, personal safety, integrity of our structures and environmental protection.

In substance, our innovative approach seeks to optimise the performance of our installations, to initiate and explore new techniques, technologies and methods, and to increase the pace of digitisation of our activities.

What does an R&I project mean for Teréga?"

We are enthusiastic about applied research, and connected with the operational requirements, and are developing solutions which have tangible application in our infrastructures and the services offered to our clients.

In essence, an R&I project contributes to the ambitions and goals of the programmes of the IMPACTS 2025 Innovation Plan.

There are many fields of R&I work. Firstly, it covers improvement and development of our knowledge and practices, in addition to the prior research phases which are essential for development of technological innovation. Secondly, when there are uncertainties relating to feasibility, it implies testing and construction of prototypes in order to qualify a technology or a new methodology. Finally, it provides responses to the problems of integration in our operational environment.

We support projects which can be deployed in our industrial system, at the end of a development process lasting approximately three years. When feasibility has been validated the project moves to a standardisation and deployment stage and goes beyond the scope of R&I.

At this point, they are then managed by the relevant business teams.

More information about our R&I activities ?

The Research & Innovation team is at your disposal for any request.


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