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Physical Connection to the Teréga transport network is referred to as Connection. Connection is dedicated exclusively to the consumer customer or the distribution grid manager (GRD) and is an extension of the Transport Grid. It comprises two main sets of equipment:

  • a branch line, the pipe situated between the Teréga gas Transport Grid and the Delivery Point;
  • one (or more) Delivery Station(s), located at the consumer site or near to the supplied grid, whose purpose is to meter the gas and deliver it at the requested pressure;
  • or otherwise, in the case of a gas production site, one (or more) injection station(s), located close to the production site, whose purpose is to meter and check the quality of the gas, and to inject it at grid pressure.

Select your gas supplier

The gas supply service is not covered by Teréga. To buy or sell gas, the connected consumer customer should contact the Supplier of their choice, who must hold a ministerial supply authorisation.

That Supplier must sign a Transport Contract with Teréga. By virtue of this, they shall be considered a transport shipper. The Transport Contract allows the routing of gas between the place where it is made available, at the Entry Point onto the Teréga grid, and the place of consumption or delivery to a distribution grid.

Diagram of contractual relationships

Diagram of contractual relationships

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