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Gas-fired combined cycle power plants (CCCG)

A gas-fired combined cycle power plant produces electricity from two types of turbine: gas and steam turbines. It comprises one or two units, each rated at around 400 MW. 

Key figures

The share of electricity production made up by gas is 1% in France compared with 35 to 40% in Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria.
Seven CCCGs are currently operating in France. Additional units are planned for service by 2020.

Attraction of CCCGs

The attraction of CCCGs as electricity producers lies in:

  • their performance, which can be as much as 50 to 55% compared with 35% for “traditional” processes;
  • their CO2 and NOx emissions, which are lower than those from a coal-fired power plant. They emit neither sulphur dioxide nor dust.

Diagram showing how a CCCG works

Diagram showing how a CCCG works


…met by a flexibility service

Teréga compensates for variations in flow and pressure due to delivery to a power plant as well as to its other customers on the regional network by drawing on the gas holding capacity within the grid, but also and chiefly through a flexibility contract agreed with the storage operator.
The rules and pricing of this special service are currently under discussion as part of the gas consultation process within the dedicated body: 

Special modulation requirements…

The supply to the grid is constant over a single day. The modulation requirement corresponds to the overflow needed by the plant when it is operating.
The modulation is characterised by the modulated volume.
The network is configured to absorb those variations (see graph below). The operation of CCCGs requires the provision of a specially adapted service with specific requirements in terms of personnel, IT and infrastructure (compression etc.).

CCCG connection

CCCGs have particular modulation requirements. For this reason they are preferably connected to the Main Grid. The Connection is set up in an identical manner to that for consumer sites. Its capacity is determined using the power plant’s consumption profile and modulation requirements.

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