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Interface contract

The interface contract is agreed directly by Teréga and the GRD connected to its network. Amongst other things, it sets out the conditions under which Teréga undertakes the installation of GRD Connection systems, as well as the terms and conditions for the operation and maintenance of its systems.

The interface contract consists of the following elements (in order of prevalence):  

·       particular and its appendices,

·       general terms & conditions and its appendices.

The general terms & conditions set out the obligations upon each party, along with the general principles governing the Connection service. 

The CRE and the GRDs will be informed of any modification to the general terms and conditions, which will be posted on the Teréga site 45 days after and which are applicable to GRDs as soon as they are published, in accordance with the provisions of article 15.2.

The total fees relating to the Connection service are set according to rules which are identical for every customer connected, whether an end customer, a producer, or a manager of a distribution grid.

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