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Become a storage customer

Teréga’s storage capacities are offered through online auctions accessible on Storeplace

5 stages to become a storage customer!

1. Tell us who is authorized to bid in the storage auctions

2. Create your user account on Storeplace

  • Click on «Login» on the top right corner of the page
  • Fill in the registration form and validate
  • When you receive the activation email, select the « Bidder » profile and validate

3. Bid in the storage auction of interest to you

  • In the Dashboard, click on the running auction
  • Fill in the online form and validate
  • You can update your bid over and over, only the latest bid will be taken into account

4. View the auction results

In the Dashboard, click on the closed auction


5. Sign your storage contract

  • Teréga prepares your storage contract once you have got capacities through auctions
  • Please sign it within ten days after receipt

Congrats! You have become a Teréga’s storage customer

EN Standard TEREGA : 0 559 133 400EN Urgence Gaz : 0 800 028 800

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