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To meet your needs for flexibility, Teréga offers you various storage services.

Capacity transfer for financing gas in storage

Optimize storage costs

  • your operational management remains unchanged
  • the invoicing of the storage part is sent to your financial partner
  • flexible contractual and operational arrangement in place

Secondary Market

Benefit from Teréga’s customer portfolio

  • in a single publication in Storeplace, offer your capacities on the secondary market
  • your potential counterparty will contact you directly

Injection Booster

Get some additional injection capacity for free

Injection Booster enables you to increase your daily injection capacity following your needs.

  • free, interruptible and optional service
  • monthly or daily subscription

You can decide the level of your additional injection capacity up to +20% of your nominal capacity and benefit from the PITS interruptible tariff.

UBI (Use it and buy it)

Teréga optimizes the available injection/withdrawal capacities to give your more flexibility

Teréga enables you to benefit from the available daily injection/withdrawal unused capacities.

You can ask for an injection/withdrawal quantity higher than your contractual Daily Capacity, and it’s free of charge regardless of your level of gas in storage.

Only allocated capacities are invoiced.

Joint Management

Joint Management makes your life easier!

A simplified day-to-day management of your storage capacities: your different bookings are aggregated and managed jointly.

  • one single Stock: one single injection or withdrawal nomination, one single allocation, one single Stock Level,
  • one single set of space and time constraints.

An optimization of your storage capacities:

  • aggregated minimum and maximum Stock levels,
  • optimized injection/withdrawal capacities following a calculation algorithm which maximizes the evolution factors.

Injection/withdrawal variable fees

No injection and withdrawal variable fees

Inject and withdraw over and over, it’s free of charge:

  • Injection variable fee = 0 €/MWh
  • Withdrawal variable fee = 0 €/MWh

REMIT – Storage reporting service

Teréga offers you a storage reporting service

In the context of REMIT regulation, your company, as a market participant, will have to report to ACER the amount of gas it has stored at the end of each gas day, no later than the following working day. In order to help you meet this regulatory obligation, Teréga provides you with a free reporting service of your storage data as described in the storage contract General Terms.


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