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Storage contract

Storage Contract

This contract establishes the terms under which Teréga undertakes to draw off quantities of gas delivered to it by the customer at the Storage Transport Interface Point (PITS) and to return equivalent quantities of gas to the customer at a later date, at that same point.

Term of the storage contract

The contractual year starts on 1 April and ends on 31 March (one summer injection period, followed by one winter withdrawal period). The storage contract may be entered into with prior notice of three business days. It must start on the first day of the month, and finish on 31 March. Multiple-year contracts are possible. Where a contract is entered into during the course of a year, special provisions shall apply.

If a storage contract is entered into during the course of a year:

  • the storage contract may take effect on the first day of the month for a period extending up to 31 March of a given year, subject to three business days notice;
  • if needed, the future customer must buy a quantity of gas in store from another Teréga's storage customer, enabling him to fulfil his contractual minimum Stock and maximum Stock obligations on the day that the contract takes effect.

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