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Storage Products

Teréga offers access to its storage capacities through standard and specific products.

Standard products are "bundled": they are offered through storage units which combine a working gas volume capacity (kWh), a daily injection capacity (kWh/day) and a daily withdrawal capacity (kWh/day).

Standard products are booked on an annual basis from the 1st of April of year N to the 31st of March of year N+1. Bookings after the 1st of April are possible for a period which starts necessarily on the first day of the month and ends necessarily on the 31st of March.

Specific products can be bundled or unbundled and booked for periods different from the standard contract year.

Specific products

Teréga is allowed to auction specific products after bookings reach the minimum stocks set by the French Minister of Energy’s order as per article L. 421-4 of the energy code.

These specific products are built during the year, depending on available capacity and the needs expressed by market players.

Booking rules

For each standard storage product, the customer books a whole number of storage units.

A Storage Unit is made up of:

  • a unit Storage Capacity (CUS) equal to 1,000 kWh at 0°C;
  • a nominal daily unit injection capacity (CJUNI) expressed in kWh/day;
  • a nominal daily unit withdrawal capacity (CJUNS) expressed in kWh/day.

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