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The annual amount invoiced to the customer under the standard product is equal to the sum of the following components:

  • an annual fixed term (TFA) which is independent of the number of subscribed storage units;
  • an annual subscription term (TSA), which is proportional to the number (n) of subscribed storage units. It is equal to the product of the Storage Unit price (PUS) and the number (n);
  • a withdrawn quantity term (TQS), equal to the product of withdrawn quantities (Qs) and the withdrawal proportional price (Ps);
  • an injected quantity term (TQI), equal to the product of the injected quantities (Qi) and the injection proportional price (Pi).

This annual amount, exclusive of additional services, is worked out as:

TFA + n x PUS + Qs x Ps + Qi x Pi 


Teréga has published a pricing grid applicable to standard products from 1 April 2019.

FAST (€/MWh) auctions
FIZZ (€/MWh) auctions
FAIR (€/MWh) auctions
Ps - Withdrawal (€/MWh) 0
Pi - Injection (€/MWh) 0
TFA - Access rights (€/yr) 0
Gas in Stock transfer fee (€) 0
Capacity transfer fee (€) 0

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