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Trading Region France

All you need to know about the Trading Region France.

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Map of installations

Map of installations

List of Teréga operating sectors in the 15 departments of the South West



A network, products and services to meet your expectations.

Aerial view of the Lussagnet site

Aerial view of the Lussagnet site

The Teréga grid

There are two parts to the Teréga grid: the Main Grid and the Regional Grid.
The Main Grid provides a two-way link between the grids operated by adjacent transporters in France and Spain and enables access to the Lussagnet and Izaute storage sites.
The size of the Regional Grid depends on consumption needs within the area and enables gas to be taken from the Main Grid to directly connected consumers (generally high-consumption industrial sites) or to the distribution grids supplying consumers in urban areas.

Transport services and products

To meet the needs of shipping transport customers, Teréga can offer

  • services linked to transport capacity:

- fixed or interruptible capacity, available over varied time frames (annual, quaterly, monthly, daily and soon intra-day);
- access to the secondary capacity market for capacity exchange with other Shippers;
- access to custom web space to apply for capacity, monitor and manage your contract.

  • services linked to gas delivery :

- the ability, through the UBI (Use It and Buy It) mechanism, to deliver quantities of gas above the subscribed amount;
- access to the gas exchange point PEG.

Transport Contract

Products and services offered to Shippers are set out in the Transport Contract, which sets out the conditions under which Teréga undertakes to deliver the quantities of energy made available by the shipper, from one or more entry points to the specified delivery points.
The Transport Contract includes general conditions (service arrangements, tariff) and operational conditions (daily information exchange procedures) which are identical for all Shippers. The items which are specific to each shipper (subscribed capacities, service prices, guarantees) are detailed in the special conditions.

Diagram of contractual relationships

Diagram of contractual relationships

Tradable capacities

Teréga can make tradable capacities available to you, subscribed and available for the next 18 months.

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