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Auctions on PRISMA

Within the framework of the implementation of the CAM (Capacity Allocation Mechanisms) Network Code, Teréga offers transport capacities at the VIP (Virtual Interconnection Point) PIRINEOS between France and SPAIN through auctions on the PRISMA platform. Those capacities are jointly offered to the market with Enagas (bundled products) or unilaterally offered (unbundled products).

1. Requirements to participate in PRISMA auctions

2. Commercialisation at the VIP PIRINEOS

There are specific rules that describe the capacity booking process at the VIP PIRINEOS. The following document elaborated in coordination with Enagas outlines those rules and also describes the different products to be auctioned.

3. Converter of tariff units

Use this Excel tool to convert the €/MWh/d at 0°C (unit used by the CRE) into c€/kWh/h at 25°C (PRISMA unit) and vice-versa.

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