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Incremental capacity

The new CAM code (Regulation EU 2017/459), published in the Official Journal of the European Union on March 17 and entered into forced on April 6, disposes that Transmission System Operators (TSOs) must publish at least every other year a market demand assessment report for the development of additional capacity at Interconnection Points (IPs - see article 26).

Accordingly, Teréga and Enagás jointly publish, a demand assessment report concerning the VIP PIRINEOS.

To ease this exchange, a non-binding demand form is available hereafter. Once completed, you can email it to capa.incrementale@remove-this.terega.fr .

Based on the received and aggregated non-binding demand indications, the demand assessment report to be published will conclude on the opportunity to initiate an incremental project at the VIP PIRINEOS in order to address identified market needs (see articles 27 and 28 of the new CAM code). A binding-demand phase for the capacity to be developed would be opened in case such a project is identified. (cf. article 29 or 30).

Non-bidding form for incremental capacity 2019:

EN Standard TEREGA : 0 559 133 400EN Urgence Gaz : 0 800 028 800

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