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Mode of commercialization

Capacity trading arrangements

The rules governing the capacity trading and allocation arrangements are described in the Section 1 ( Main Grid) and Section 2 ( Regional Grid) of the Transport Contract.

2. CAM network code

Teréga is fully compliant with the CAM network code.
These auctions of bundled capacity with Enagas can be accessed on PRISMA, and enable Shippers to adjust their portfolio throughout the gas day. These capacity products are available

All transport capacities at the VIP Pirineos (in both directions of flow: France to Spain and Spain to France) are available via PRISMA auction as CAM maturity products (yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily and within-day).

The conditions concerning the offer and interruption of the interruptible additional capacity at TRF exit/Enagas Entry are described in the document below.

Tradable capacities

Teréga can make tradable capacities available to you, subscribed and available for the next 18 months.

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