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Offers of commercialization

In accordance with the decision of the commission of the 24th of august 2012 modifying the appendix I (CE) n°715/2009 of the European parliament and the council dedicated to the conditions of access to gaz natural transmission network, and in application of CRE deliberations from 27/06/2013 and 26/10/2017, Teréga implements related offers at the VIP Pirineos:

1)      Surrender of capacities

2)      OverSubscription and Buy-Back mechanism

1. Surrendered capacities

According to the European Commission deliberation on the CMP Annex published in the Official Journal of the European Union on August 28th 2012, Teréga provides his users with the surrender mechanism of subscribed capacities at the interconnection point VIP Pirineos.

You will find the rules to surrender capacities in the following document (“Download the rules of the surrender mechanism of the capacities”).

To ask for capacity surrender:

2. OverSubscription and Buy-Back mechanism

According to the methodology established jointly by Teréga et ENAGAS, Teréga offers an additional firm and bundled capacity above the technical capacity at the VIP Pirineos.

This additional capacity is allocated only when all others, including capacities which may result from other  CMP mechanisms, are allocated at first.

Methodology of this mechanism

Service of Substitution

In accordance with the Deliberation of the CRE from the 2nd of February 2017, Teréga offers a service of substitution of bundled capacities with unbundled capacities at the VIP Pirineos.

Where this service applies, the Shipper’s unbundled Daily Capacity from his portfolio at the time of the substitution request is substituted for the newly acquired capacity and is deemed identical to the latter in every respect. The Shipper retains its rights and obligations in respect of previously reserved capacity. The Shipper’s rights and obligations are therefore extinguished on the French portion of the newly acquired bundled capacity, which can be re-released to the market by Teréga.

Should the substitution service apply at an auction that closes with a premium, the auction premium will be charged to the Shipper concerned.

The Shipper may use this service provided it fulfils both the following conditions:

1. It has unbundled Daily Capacity subscribed at the VIP Pirineos in the Entry or Exit direction

2. It acquires bundled Daily Capacity for an annual, quarterly or monthly period at the same Network Interconnection Point and for the same period as the unbundled Daily Capacity referred to above.

The Shipper must apply for the substitution service five (5) business days at the latest after the closing of the capacity auction sale of unbundled Daily Capacity at the relevant Network Interconnection point. After this deadline, all substitution service requests will be rejected.

Substitution requests must be made by a duly authorised person. The request must specify at least :

  • the Network Interconnection Point concerned,
  • the substitution period concerned
  • the capacity for substitution in quantity.

Application form for substitution

The substitution service runs for the whole of the bundled Daily Capacity period as newly granted.

The quantity of Daily Capacity for substitution must be inferior or equal to the unbundled Daily Capacity quantity already subscribed at the time the substitution request was filed.

Teréga confirms the processing of the substitution service by sending an email in reply to the Shipper’s request. The substitution service is free.


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