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Storage compensation

The law n°2017-1839 adopted the 30th of december 2017 acts the modification of the modalities of the market's access to the storage of natural gas in France. From now on, the revenues of the Storage Operators are regulated and their storage capacities auctioned.

Moreover, in accordance with article L452-1 of the French Energy Code, a compensation is provided by the Transmission System Operators for each Storage Operator. It is equal to the difference between the regulated income set by the regulator - CRE - and the revenue from the sale of storage capacities.

The following CRE deliberations set the regulatory framework :

consult the deliberation about the regulated revenues of the storage operators

- consult the deliberation about the compasation mechanisms

- consult the deliberation about the value of the Storage Term

-consult the deliberation about the sales processes of the storage capacites

The amount of this compensation is paid via a dedicated tariff term, called "Storage Term", integrated into the Transport Grid tariff - worth 297.1 € /(MWh/d) for 2018 - through theTransmission System Operator. The latter collect the compensation from the Shippers and transfer the sums to the Storage Operators. The key steps of this monthly process are described below, for a given month M starting on April 2018 :

  1. At the beginning of the month M+1, the Distribution Network Operators provide the necessary data to the Transmission System Operators..
  2. The Transmission System Operators calculate the compensation amounts for each shipper. This calculation is the product of the Storage Term and the compensation base of the shipper. This base is linked to the modulation of the customers served by the shipper, i.e. the difference between peak consumption and average consumption.
  3. The Transmission System Operators bill at the end of the month M+1 the amounts calculated to the Shippers.
  4. Shippers pay within 10 days the amounts to the Transmission System Operators.
  5. At the beginning of the month M+2, the Transmission System Operators transfer to the Storage Operators the amounts paid by the Shippers.

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