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Tools at your disposal

We shared new tutorials online to help you in your operational managing, following the changes of the 1st of April 2020.

Check out the new tutorials here! (Missing English version for PDF or video will come soon.)

Joint Management at Storage

Storage offers Joint management principle
Online Excel tool

Storage capacities

Storage subscriptions
PITS transport subscriptions
CLT and Daily Capacity calculation 
Publications on web site


Storage UBI service

Storage Optimization and UBI
Nominating Optimization and UBI
UBI Tariff


Injection booster

Booster injection principle  Subscription for storage and transport Associated Tariff


Focus on PITSL interruptibility

Reminder : congestion removal mechanisms 
Impact of CRE deliberation of 12/12/2019
Practical case
(duration : 3 mn)

Injection booster request

Guide for requesting for booster on portal
(duration : 3 mn)

Nominations, Programs and Allocations at any point

Management of operational exchanges.
Communication Tools 
Nomination, programmation, balancing and allocation principle with Teréga for all points.


Vigilance & Triggering

Vigilance & Triggering Principle and calculation
(duration : 4 mn)


Vigilance on portal

Guide for Vigilance on portal

Triggering on portal

Guide for Triggering on portal
(duration : 3 mn)


Maintenances and reductions

Guide to understand maintenances and manage your operational capacity during a reduction period
(Video tutorial coming soon)

Maintenances et reduction rates on portal

Guide for Maintenances on portal
duration : 2 mn

Tariff updates 2020

2020 Tariff table
Changes on the Main Grid 
Changes on the Regional Grid
(duration : 6 mn)


Other tools to help you

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