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Congestion management

In accordance with regulatory provisions in force, Teréga has different management procedures applied where there is capacity congestion at interface points with adjacent transport networks.

  • The surrender mechanism allows market makers, under certain conditions, to surrender capacities that will then be commercialized in accordance with the rules of the surrender mechanism of the capacities in force.
  • Teréga’s use of UIOLI LT (Use It Or Lose It long term), where unused capacities can be reallocated in accordance with the European Commission deliberation of August 24, 2012, modifying  appendix I of the Regulation (EC) No  715/2009 of the European Parliament.
  • The Over Subscription and Buy-Back mechanism which allows, based on first nominations at 14:00 on Day-1, to offer more Day-Ahead firm capacity at the VIP pirineos.
  • The secondary capacity market, which offers Shippers an opportunity to exchange capacities on a bilateral basis (mutual agreement).
  • Teréga’s use of UBI (Use it and Buy It), where Shippers can make use of unused capacities on the basis of daily notifications.
    Using the tool below, you can simulate the cost of the UBI for each interconnection point on the basis of current tariffs.

Locational Spread contract

In the context of congestions management within the Trading region France (TRF), Shippers willing to participate to the Locational spread mechanism on Teréga's points (VIP Pirineos and/or PITS Lussagnet) must sign the following contract.

Locational spread contract: in compliance with the Deliberations of the CRE of 26 October 2017 and of 24 July 2018 relating to the operation of the single gas market in France from 1st of November 2018, Teréga proposes to its clients the contractualisation of their participation to the buy and/or sell of gas through locational products for congestions management on the  network.

Those rules are described in the Transport Contract (general, special and operational terms).

Contract of Flow commitment

When implementing the single market zone in France, the TSOs pointed out that in extreme scenarios, a localized storage deficit of natural gas could occur.

In order to solve that cases, the french régulator CRE thru its deliberation no 2018-171 of 24 July 2018 asked the TSOs to provide a Flow commitment mechanism.

Only Pirineos (Entry or Exit reduction), Fos and Montoir are eligible.

PITS are not eligible.

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