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Our Transport Contract

Teréga's transport contrat evolved on November 1st 2018. Its structure is simplified and a few provisions linked to the creation of the TRF and to the commercial offer on the regional network are updated.

The contractual documentation is still composed of the following elements: 

  • Special Terms with Sections applicable according to Shipper needs ;
  • General Terms incorporating all the provisions which apply to everyone

All those elements are available for consultation below. 

The present translation is not binding and is provided by Teréga exclusively for information purposes.

Teréga disclaims any warranty of any kind as to the accuracy and completeness of the present translation, the document in French being the sole and unique reference for the execution of the Contract and that would in any case prevail over any translated version. Teréga reserves the right to update the translation at any time as deemed necessary by Teréga to improve and/or adjust the quality and/or content of the translation submitted and available on Teréga’s website.

The Shipper is free to use the translated document at its own risk and under its own responsibility and remains responsible for checking the latest version available on the website for this purpose. In addition to the translation proposed by Teréga, the Shipper may use at its own risk and costs other translated documentation if deemed necessary by the Shipper with the understanding that in any event a translation would not be considered in case of discrepancy with the French version.

Tracking of contract's transport

In order to give you a better understanding of the updates, please find below an overview of the modifications that impact the different contractual documents.

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