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The Teréga transport offer

Teréga can offer a range of products and service to suit your requirements, both for gas transit in both directions between France and Spain, or for supplying your customers in the Teréga area:

  • fixed or interruptible capacity, available over varied time frames (annual, quaterly, monthly, daily and soon intra-day);
  • the UBI (Use It and Buy It) offer, meaning you can subscribe to extra capacity if a shipper is not using all of their own capacity;
  • access to the secondary capacity market for exchange with other Shippers;
  • access to the exchange point PEG;

This offer is described in the Teréga Transport Contract, which comprises the following elements:

  • general terms setting out the obligations upon each party, along with the general principles governing the transport service;
  • operational terms setting out the daily exchange procedures between Teréga and the shipper;
  • special terms setting out contractual details specific to each shipper, particularly in terms of subscribed capacities.

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