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The advantages of natural gas

Natural gas is a clean, safe energy source. Being kind to the environment, it is the subject of growing interest.

Whether for use in the chemical industry or for producing electrical energy, natural gas offers many advantages. In addition to meeting the demands of the Kyoto Protocol, it is versatile and suitable for use in many fields.

Multiple uses

The properties of natural gas and its many applications make it a highly sought-after energy source. In the chemical industry it is used as a raw material, particularly for the manufacture of methanol, ammonia and hydrogen. At consumer level, natural gas is one way of producing electrical energy. Finally, new conversion processes mean that it can now be considered for use in the production of ethylene or petrol.

Clean energy

Created by the decomposition of animal and vegetable organic matter buried for millions of years underground, natural gas is a mix of light hydrocarbons. It is mostly made up of methane. Colourless, odourless and lighter than air, it is neither corrosive nor toxic. These special characteristics make for clean burning. Seen as “Grenelle compatible”, it produces little carbon dioxide.

Natural gas, at the heart of Teréga’s work, its advantages…

Non-toxic and non-corrosive, natural gas is a clean, safe energy source receiving growing interest from those seeking ways of meeting the needs of businesses, local authorities and individuals. Of all the fossil fuels, it offers the best answer within the scope of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. Releasing little carbon dioxide, the combustion of natural gas produces half the nitrogen oxide of oil and only a third as much as coal. It also gives off 150 times less sulphur oxide than domestic oil, thus helping combat the greenhouse effect, reduce acid rain and cut peak ozone levels.

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