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TIGF and the gas chain

As a specialist in transport and storage, Teréga plays an essential role in the transmission of natural gas and is involved in developments in the sector.

Teréga: a key link in the gas supply chain

The gas supply chain is an international process. It mobilises a large number of players, involved in different stages, from exploration and production through to distribution and consumption. Once extracted, the gas is treated and then transmitted, either through pipelines, or in liquefied form. In its liquid form it can be loaded onto methane tankers and taken to the reception terminal. The gas is then treated, stored and regasified before being sent out into the grid for distribution and consumption. Teréga has a major part to play in this process, offering both its transport and storage services.

Profound change

In order to fulfil its role within the gas chain, Teréga has entered into agreement with its European counterparts on adopting a single set of codes and norms for the various gas infrastructures. Together, they work to ensure the correct operation of the system within a context of openness to competition. This recent trend has arisen from the introduction of the second and third European gas directives. Adopted in 2003 and 2009 respectively, they have highlighted the establishment of a competitive and non-discriminatory market in which consumers’ rights are strengthened. All of these changes within the system have been accompanied by a number of public service obligations (OSP) for French transport operators. They guarantee access rights to gas transport installations and systems both within and beyond national boundaries, ensure there is no discrimination between users, and that everything is done with complete transparency.

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