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Quality & Performance

Ensure customer satisfaction and prepare for the future

Teréga is conscious of the need to develop quality services and continue to give the best to its customers, so it has introduced:

  • management using customer-oriented processes;
  • harmonised management systems;
  • performance management to anticipate future challenges.

On top of these actions, Teréga regularly conducts surveys among its customers (customer satisfaction) and all its stakeholders. These enable it to evaluate their degree of satisfaction and thus to adapt the services offered.

Towards a cross-fertilised management approach

Teréga has introduced a number of processes to guide its work. That decision enables it to integrate stakeholder expectations across all its activities and has a number of advantages in terms of its internal operations.
It guarantees:

  • added cross-fertilisation;
  • consistency in decisions taken and actions implemented;
  • harmonisation between working practices;
  • improved risk management;
  • rapid integration of new arrivals;
  • continuous improvement.

Maintaining the level of external certifications

With harmonisation in mind, Teréga works constantly to maintain the level of its external certifications. In particular, the company has an ISO 9001certified Quality Management System for its online measuring installations. It guarantees the quality and odorisation of the gas delivered.

This system is consistent with and integrated into theTeréga process approach, in the same way as the other safety and environmental management systems.

Performance management

To adapt to the requirements of an environment experiencing thoroughgoing change, Teréga has set up a performance process. It is of prime importance to the company, enabling it to consider and even anticipate its stakeholders’ expectations. 

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