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Making safety an absolute priority


As a responsible industrial operator, Teréga has sets itself ambitious targets to guarantee an optimal level of safety for its pipelines and underground storage. Strict rules have been issued by the Administration in France, making pipeline transport the safest way of moving energy from place to place. Those rules are rigorously enforced by Teréga and the Regional Directorates of Environment, Planning and Housing (DREALs).

A prevention culture

Teréga’s attention to the safety of people and plant is the result of a solid cultural heritage.  It is anchored in the very structure of the company’s organisation. Teréga’s HSEQ-DD (Hygiene, Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Quality and Sustainable Development) policy embodies both control of the industrial risks inherent in the activities of the gas industry and safety at the workstation.
Danger on the roads, identified as the top professional risk faced by Teréga staff, is covered by a special prevention policy. In addition, Teréga ensures continuous improvement of its practices through a Safety Management System.

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