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Personal health and safety

A safety policy founded on involving everyone

Since the early 2000s, we have introduced a number of long-term actions into our technical and organisation planning to enhance safety at Teréga. They form part of our continuous improvement process, based on identifying, analysing and managing risk.

However, issues surrounding certain events remain. These events are mainly behavioural in nature. To reduce these and bring about a lasting improvement in safety performance at Teréga, we have launched a new improvement programme. Teréga is developing a Safety Culture with a view to improve behaviours and human and organisational factors. This participative and instructive approach is consistent with the actions already taken, and is something in which Teréga's partner companies are fully involved. Its introduction will enable us further to increase the effectiveness of safety management, particularly in the field of leadership, sharing feedback on personal experience and strengthening relationships with contracting companies. This approach should enable everyone to become involved in HSE activities and should lead to more effective use of existing tools, as well as better implementation of rules and best practice.

Sa mise en place permet d’accroître encore l’efficacité du management de la sécurité, notamment dans le domaine du leadership, le partage des retours d’expérience et le renforcement des relations avec les entreprises intervenantes. Cette démarche doit permettre à chacun de s’impliquer dans les actions HSE et doit conduire à une utilisation plus efficace des outils existants ainsi qu’à une meilleure application des règles et des pratiques.

Ongoing safety improvement

The golden rules for safety in the workplace are rigour and vigilance.

Accidents are not inevitable. Teréga, which does everything it can to avoid accidents, has just released its golden rules for safety. They are designed for distribution throughout all of the company's sectors of activity. These rules must be understood and respected; they are aimed at those who organise works, as well as those who carry out and inspect them. These essential rules underpin the systematic identification, analysis and risk management procedures. They should enable everyone to take action as soon as a discrepancy is noticed so that work can stop if the risk is not under control.

The twelve topics covered are summarised in a detailed brochure.

Map of installations

Map of installations

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