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Sustainable development

Teréga makes sustainable development a priority. Proof of this can be found in a number of completed and innovative new projects.

Teréga applies its sustainable development policy to all its activities, encouraging the creation of an economy which respects both the natural and social environment. Teréga maintains stringent standards of conduct so that the impact of its activities on the land can be reduced as far as possible.

In recent years, attitudes and work practices have evolved towards greater respect for the balance of the ecosystem and the protection of biodiversity, and listening to and discussing matters with interested parties.

Today, Teréga has regular exchanges with government authorities and brings together environmental associations, design offices, and ecologists in a common objective: improving everyone's knowledge and practices for better coordination between the economic, environmental, and societal spheres.

Teréga’s commitments on sustainable development

Its environmental commitments

To strengthen its commitment and limit the effects of its activities on the environment, Teréga has introduced a number of measures above and beyond those required by regulations:

Teréga’s environmental management system has been ISO 14001 certified since 2006. That certification, renewed in 2009 and 2012, bears witness to the appropriateness of its risk control policies and targets. Since 2014, Teréga's energy management system has also been ISO 50001-certified.

Its economic commitments

  • to design, construct, operate and develop gas infrastructures with sustainable development as an ongoing concern;
  • to equip itself with the human, technical, financial and organisational resources necessary to meet its hygiene, health, safety, environmental, quality and sustainable development targets.

Its social and societal commitments

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