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Our local integration

A player in local economic development

For Teréga, being involved in local life means being conscious of the challenges facing a responsible company. Rooted for more than 70 years in the far southwest of France, Teréga is now seen in the area as a player in economic development. Teréga employs more than 580 workers (31th, December 2015) and is engaged in fruitful relationships with a large number of local and regional companies working in areas connected with its own trade: technical research, engineering, pipework, metal casting, civil engineering, information systems etc.. Successive modernisation, safety and infrastructure development projects have enabled it to make a significant contribution to the development of the local economy, ensuring there is a continuing source of employment.

50% of Teréga’s spending takes place in the southwest.

Listening closely to our stakeholders

During the study phase for new pipeline and surface installation construction projects, Teréga’s teams go systematically to meet stakeholders affected by the route to present the project to them and explain how the work will be organised.

From the study phase through to the restoration of the land following pipe laying, landowners and those working on the affected land will be given a dedicated contact person at Teréga. During the construction period, visits are organised so that the authorities can see the critical areas of the work sites. If there is an accident along a pipeline, those nearby can alert Teréga by calling the freephone number printed on each of its surface installations and market posts. Staff are permanently available at Teréga to take calls.

As the manager of two storage sites which have existed for many years within Le Gers and Les Landes, Teréga has been able to develop close partnerships with around fifteen neighbouring communes. Its teams are always ready to listen to neighbours, and are keen to provide the wider public with all the explanations they need, particularly about what the future holds for the Lussagnet and Izaute storage facilities. The company also supports a number of local educational and cultural projects, and hopes to provide assistance to neighbouring communes by supporting sustainable development activities they undertake.

Perception survey

Since 2010, Teréga has been conducting a perception survey every two years among about 1,200 people. Its purpose: to listen to all of those directly or indirectly affected by its activities – the public authorities, local communities, the general public (neighbours, construction companies, associations, chambers of agriculture etc.).

The results of the study spoke volumes. 
Stakeholders recognise Teréga’s professionalism and its work on safety and the environment.
To maintain this level, Teréga continues its efforts to inform stakeholders on a regular basis.
An action plan is drawn up after each survey to better meet the needs voiced by stakeholders.

This biennial survey helps measure how the initiatives in place are developing.


Map of installations

Map of installations

List of Teréga territories operating in the 15 departments of the South West

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