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Polluted land management

Polluted sites and land

For Teréga, it is essential to know the condition of the soil, even though no regulations currently require it to survey the land it is going to exploit. So, in 2009, a campaign of systematic soil analysis resulted in the identification of polluted areas, and the implementation of depollution works at these sites. Innovative treatment solutions have been adopted, such as the re-use of excavated soil in cement works.

As part of its ISO 14001-certified environmental management system, Teréga has set out an objective for inspecting and managing water and soil quality.

During works, precise instructions are given to contractors to bring the risk of spills under control, such as:

• Anti-pollution kits in equipment
• Equipment refuelling zones set far away from watercourses
• Storage of chemical products in spill containment trays, etc.

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