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Delivery to customers connected to the Teréga network represents around one third of the total quantities transmitted, with nearly 450 delivery points.

These connected customers are:

  • industrial players consuming gas themselves for their own activities;
  • or distribution grid managers (GRD, commonly referred to as Public Distribution companies), who  then distribute it to individuals, businesses etc..

The Connection means the physical Connection to the Teréga Transport Grid.

The Connection is a part of the Teréga Transport Grid, being specifically dedicated to the consumer customer or Distribution Grid Manager (GRD). Teréga differentiates between this and its “Transport” service by providing a Connection service directly to the consumer or GRD, which includes the provision of the Connection, its operation and maintenance and a number of additional related services.

The Connection is thus a set of equipment (branch line and Delivery Station) which fulfils a number of functions, namely Connection, metering, pressure regulation and customer network overpressure protection. It is subject to the same safety rules as the other transport systems in its design, construction, operation and maintenance.
Teréga thus provides continuous monitoring of this equipment to guarantee its integrity and proper operation.
Metering of the Connection is transactional; Teréga is authorised by the DREALs to conduct periodic testing to ensure that it is correctly determining the quantities of gas delivered on behalf of Shippers.

In the same way as the rest of the Transport Grid, the Connection remains the property of Teréga, although it is located on land belonging to third parties, or belonging to the end consumer or the GRD, with whom Teréga signs an easement agreement.

As part of its public service obligations (Decree 2004-251), Teréga guarantees the continuity of gas supply on behalf of Shippers supplying domestic customers or providing a service in the public interest.

Map of installations

Map of installations

List of Teréga territories operating in the 15 departments of the South West

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