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Key figures

With more than 600 employees and a Transport Grid extending over 4 French regions, we are involved in the life of our local community as a player in the European gas market. Recognised for our professionalism, we adapt the services offered to meet the expectations of our customers and develop our activities to contribute to fluidity in the natural gas market and the security of supplies in Europe. Alongside this, the company is committed to the environment, quality and safe practice.

A few figures (December 2018 figures)

Our transport grid

  • 5 080 km

    The length of our pipeline network (with diameters up to 50 mm to 900 mm), which makes up 14% of the French large scale gas transport network.

  • 16 %

    The percentage of the nation’s natural gas which passes through our network, at a pressure in the range of 20 and 79 bar

  • 59 transport customers

    These customers are gas shippers and suppliers who make use of our transport grid and logistical expertise.

  • 119 industrial customers

    connected to our network and receiving supplies of natural gas.

  • 700 block-valve stations

    and 450 delivery stations

  • 40 000 signaling posts

    in our territory.

  • 85 MW

    of compression power allocated in 6 compression stations.

Storage at Teréga

  • 24,5 %

    The percentage of French storage capacity that we operate, working out at around 30 TWh (Terawatts/hour)

  • 6,5 Gm3

    The total volume of Lussagnet and Izaute, TIGF’s two underground natural gas storage sites.

  • 2,84 Gm3

    Usable volume (tradable in terms of capacity).

  • 21 storage customers

    They have access to our storage capacities.

  • 28 MW

    of compression power in Lussagnet storage site.

Our organisation

  • 7 territories

    We are present in 15 departments, and have 7 territories.

Financial indicators

  • 476 million euros

    Turnover in 2017

  • 184 million euros

    Investment in 2018.


  • Declared lost-time accident frequency rate: 4,3

    (LTAFR = Number of accidents with time off work per million hours worked).


  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 9001

    for our online metering systems guaranteeing the quality and odorisation of the gas delivered.

  • Level 8 recognition

    within the international safety rating system (ISRS).


  • 611 employees at the 31st december 2018

    Men and women, including new 32 posts created since 2016.

  • 5,75 %

    amount of the payroll invested in training.

  • Index Egalité Femmes-Hommes :79

    par catégorie socio professionnelle

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Map of installations

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Longueur du réseau Teréga par DN et par classification

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