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Our Transport Grid carries the natural gas to the end user – whether an industrial facility or a Public Distribution operator – supplying individuals in particular. It is interconnected with the networks run by adjacent transport operators and the storage and production sites. This grid is equipped with six compression stations with a total power of 70 MW, which optimise the natural gas transmission. Every 15 km there is a shut-off point, enabling individual sections to be isolated if necessary.

Over many years of managing and extending our physical Transport Grid, we have developed highly specialised skills in business engineering, the management of public property and servicing/maintenance.

The company has all the resources needed to design and construct pipelines and associated equipment (compression stations, aerial installations). An internal team specialises in preventive and curative maintenance and stands ready to act quickly at any point on the network, which it knows inside out, to resolve any problems which may occur.

To improve efficiency, the operations division is split up into four regions – Bordeaux, Pau, Toulouse and Lussagnet – each of them overseeing approximately 1500 km of network (500 km for Lussagnet).

Key figures

  • The pipes on our Transport Grid, with diameters ranging from 50 to 900 mm, extend over more than 5000 km.
  • The maximum operating pressure ranges from 10.5 to 85 bar.
  • Six compression stations deliver a total power of 70 MW.
  • The pipes forming our grid are buried beneath a surface layer between 0.80 m and 1.20 m thick, on average.

Map of installations

Map of installations

List of Teréga territories operating in the 15 departments of the South West

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